Slab Leaks

Has your water bill begun to soar mysteriously northward? Maybe you’ve started to notice random hot spots in your flooring, wet spots on your carpet or water pressure that struggles to reach an adequate volume. If any of these things is true for you, your home may have sprung a slab leak.

Despite their seemingly protected location, pipes in your concrete slab foundation are no less likely to spring a leak than are the ones that serve you above ground. Unlike the latter, however, leaks in the slab are often hard to detect.

Common causes of slab leaks include:

  • Slipshod construction. Although most homes in the Richardson area are constructed correctly, some will suffer foundation leaks over the years due to the builder’s use lower-quality or damaged pipes encased in the concrete slab.
  • Caustic water quality. Acidic water is known to eat holes in the best of piping material. Water that smells of chlorine or leaves aqua-colored water stains in tubs and sinks is likely to have a low pH.
  • Excessive water pressure. When exaggerated pressure forces water through your pipes, cracks and fissures are a common result.
  • Friction. Pipes that reside in your foundation are not immune to movement. As water travels through, they will expand, contract, vibrate and rub against the material of which the foundation is made. The abrasion can wear holes in the piping and even cause it to rupture.

The symptoms may not seem like much at the time, but left untreated, a slab leak can compromise the very foundation of your house. Don’t let it go. Our team of experts at Richardson Plumbing Co. can evaluate the situation, provide you with a complete picture of the problem and make the needed repairs quickly and efficiently. We are experts at slab leak detection and repair in and around Richardson, Highland Park, Allen, Garland, Dallas, Preston, Plano and University Park, so call Richardson Plumbing Co. today at (972) 535-8209 today and let us locate and resolve your problem.

Remember, if you suspect the presence of leaking pipes in your foundation, it’s important to have it looked at right away. The longer you leave a leak in a concrete slab untended, the harder and costlier it will be to repair.

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