Without regular care and maintenance, anything can break down. It’s why you visit the doctor on a regular basis and why manufacturers of all appliances recommend yearly maintenance to keep things working correctly.

Your plumbing and water heating systems are no different. With the proper attention, they will serve you well throughout their intended lifespans. Ignore their needs, on the other hand, and they can give up well before their time, leaving you with costly repairs and possibly extensive flood damage to your home and possessions.

Water heaters undergo particular stress and strain during the winter. It’s a time when people spend more time indoors and visitors often come for holiday celebrations. More people in the home equates to more hot water usage throughout the day. This, in turn, means more wear and tear on your hot water heater.

For this reason, whether your water heater is gas or electric, tank or tankless, the experts at Richardson Plumbing Co. recommend that you service your water heater on a regular basis.

As the years go by, increased hot water usage results in the buildup of sediment in your hot water tank. This sediment acts as a barrier between the heating element and the water it is trying to heat. As a result, the water takes longer to arrive at the desired temperature, and this puts additional pressure on your fuel resources.

There is only one real solution to the sediment problem, and it consists of regular flushing. After the performance of this simple maintenance, you will notice that:

  • Your water takes less time to arrive at the desired temperature. That’s because the flushing has removed the sedimentary barrier between the water and the heating element, allowing this vital component to do its job efficiently.
  • Your power bills go down. An efficient water heater uses less energy to get the water up to temperature, and you’ll see a welcome difference in your energy bill.
  • Your water heater enjoys a longer life span. A regular flushing will prevent the excess sediment in your tank from causing a buildup of scale on the unit’s inside walls and save the unit from failing long before its time.

Indoor plumbing won’t be of much use if the running water is always cold. If you suspect any problems with your hot water heating system, don’t wait until it fails during somebody’s shower. Contact the water heater experts at Richardson Plumbing today.

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